WdKA makes a Difference 2016 Diversity and Inclusiveness Workshop

We are happy to announce the Diversity and Inclusiveness Workshop 2016. We will spend one and a half days training with Luc Opdebeeck with teachers and interested people from Rotterdam University.

Subject of the training is:

“Creating a safe place where self-reflection and analysis of content around a broad interpretation of the concept can be diversity.”

What will you do in training?
We will use different methodologies arising out of Participatory Drama methods (pedagogical tools) that you as a teacher can bring in your own work. We work with games, exercises and methods that you naturally do get out of your seat. Then through the language of the image to deepen the topic “Diversity and Inclusiveness” to deal with each other. During the training to analyze cases that come from your experiences as a teacher and / or professional. The group knowledge is central where there is room for everyone’s opinion and diversity.

Luc Opdebeeck
Luc Opdebeeck is artistic director of Foundation Format and has produced dozens forum performances in recent years and directed, mostly by and for people at the bottom of society. People with psychosocial problems, the mentally disabled, residents, youth, seniors and so on. He works since 1989 with Participatory Drama and has years of experience in giving training courses and guest lectures. Even abroad, he enjoys fame as a trainer and was among others active in Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova, South Africa, Laos, India, Mozambique and more recently the Palestinian territories. Luc is co-author of the book “Man in the Leading Role” and “a scene spades.

Comments previous workshop participants:
“I take simple but effective things with this workshop digital support suffers from racism. My action and inaction gave me insight into my role and impact”.

“I learned how I participated in an oppressive system, and how I am part of it myself. It was an eye opener how diversity can be viewed differently by different groups.”

“I realized by engaging in an open and honest dialogue that I can make a move to understand, and change myself. Thank you for this understanding.”

We are looking forward to share our experiences and insights soon!